St. Francis is a no-kill shelter desperately in need of funds and supplies.

MANY of their animals are life long residents, since they take the ones no one else can, or will take. St. Francis took the pitbull that we worked with who was scheduled for euthanasia – they saw in him what we did: a smart, sweet, sensitive soul who had become very confused and frustrated in his environment. (and we continue to work with him there) You may see some negative reviews for them on the internet and I will tell you it’s because the woman who runs the shelter is 100% in it for the animals and is not interested in the BS stories IE excuses she has heard so many times over the years that has resulted in some horrific conditions for the animals now in her care. They currently have a $39,000 vet bill to pay off. If you can help, it would surely be appreciated!

St. Francis Walk For The Animals
11:30am Sunday August 16th. Entry fee is $45 and you can walk a dog there or pick a dog for a volunteer to walk. There will be a bake sale and goodies from the grill along with beer and pop.

To participate, please come to the shelter at 12300 116th St. Kenosha, WI 53142 PH# 262 242-3824

Pledges can be mailed to:

St. Francis SPCA Finance Office
10936 N. Pt. Washington Road #138
Mequon, WI 53092

We have registration sheets on the counter in the shop! Thank you!